Path To The Licence

20th September 2013

For years I have been fascinated with radio and listening to various broadcasts. To see my latest log click on the QRZcq Log page. I passed my radio amateur B licence in 1981 aged 17 but never applied for my licence. I just listened for all the years since, until September 2013 when I contacted Steve with an interest to become a radio amateur.

16th September

I attended my first course this week, gone are the A & B class licence now there's Foundation, Intermediate and Full. (click the links for info.) Hopefully I can pass the Foundation exam and gain my call sign. I have read up on the kinds of radios available as a start and decided on the TS-430S, I should be able to use it at home, in the car and portable and is an inexpensive way to start.

22nd September 2013

I have constructed a new 2m / 70cm portable J Pole made from a 300Ω twin ribbon FM aerial. click here for the details The design i used was QSO612-FON04. Initial results on receive are good but cannot test output until i have my licence. Tomorrow is the second part of the training looking forward to that.

29th September 2013

Made end fed wire centred on 14.1Mhz need to make a choke to eliminate some noise but its good. Third day of course tomorrow really excited.

30th September 2013

Course went well chomping at the bit to finish and take exam.

7th October 2013

Well that's last of the theory, Next week is example exams and CW practical. CW is not part of exam per se but you need to show you know what it is.

14th October 2013

We all did well with our example papers so looks like we will all pass in 2 weeks. Next week is Practical.

21st October 2013

Well this week was using the VHF and HF radio's to show we know the protocols and terminology also how to tune the radio's. Next week is the Multi-Choice paper we need 19 out of 25 to pass fingers crossed and good luck to my 2 colleagues.

28th October 2013

Yes we all passed now the wait till we can choose our call signs.

30th October 2013

Well still waiting for the RSGB to verify the exam results and put into Ofcom database so we can get our licences. Its incredible that in the days of fast internet and tablet computers, that after the exam, the results are snail mailed to the RSGB surely they can sort out a way of using modern technology to ratify results and put into Ofcom database instantly.

4th November 2013

Still waiting for the RSGB to enter the 21st century does it really take this long. WE WANT OUR LICENCES.

6th November 2013

Finally my licence: M6TWX Hope to hear you online

22nd January 2014

Joined the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club NARC

3rd February 2014

Starting Intermediate Course.

7th March 2014

Intermediate Exam Passed YES YES YES Congrats to James M6JGX who passed as well. Next stop full licence.

1st July 2014

Took Advanced Exam

10th July 2014

Failed Advanced by 1 question gutted. James passed so well done to him.

17th July 2014

Re-take booked for 20th August fingers crossed this time.

27th August 2014

Failed by 1 again cannot believe it so 3rd time lucky 8th December

17th December 2014

Passed at last so it was third time lucky now M0TRJ